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Live the, Life, you Love 1 & 2, MARCH 2023 | 06:00 - 16:00 MST/MDT
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The Resilient Women Life & Business Virtual Summit is a must-attend event for women seeking guidance, expertise, and leadership. This is an opportunity for women to learn, network, and connect with like-minded individuals, and to gain the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to achieve their goals.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this summit is an opportunity to get exposed to and learn from some of the best in the industry. At the summit, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from top experts and thought leaders in a variety of fields, including investing, raising capital, launching new products and services, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

This virtual gathering will provide you with valuable insights, tips and strategies on how to grow and scale your business, how to launch a new product, how to become a published author, how to raise money, how to find a work-life balance, how to invest in real estate, and how to podcast your voice of authority. With a line-up of expert speakers, interactive workshops and networking opportunities, this summit is the perfect platform for women looking to gain a competitive edge in todays business world. So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and get ready to learn, network, and succeed!

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Your Host Kim Hayden

Host & Co-Founder Resilient New Media
Podcasting pros and missed opportunities

Michele Blood

The Magic Of Affirmation Power

Michele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady. Michele was a successful songwriter and rock singer in Australia and after a near-fatal car accident, while in the hospital with many serious injuries, she created positive Affirmation Songs which not only healed her body but also took her to worldwide success. These Affirmation songs affect the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Lyrics, the left hemisphere, and melody and music, the right hemisphere so the new, positive messages go straight to the subconscious mind. This is why millions of people worldwide have downloaded her Affirmation Power songs. These songs cover healing, success, money, joy, confidence and they uplift the person immediately.

Amy Siewe

The Entrepreneurial Time System

Amy Siewe is a professional python hunter in south Florida, hired to catch and euthanize the invasive and destructive Burmese pythons that are destroying Florida’s ecosystem. She has caught over 400 pythons, the biggest being 17’3, 110lbs (by herself), has raised $315k by donating hunts to charity auctions, has been featured on many TV programs, documentaries and magazines articles, including the Today show, Fox and Friends, CNBC, Reader’s Digest, and Time Magazine. And she is a published author. She has made it her mission to use as much of the python as possible and designed the only Apple watch band in the world made from the skin of the invasive pythons.

Baljit Joshi

Love, Life and Business - How to create Balance and Prosperity

Born and raised Calgarian, Baljit operates business as a Realtor® in Calgary and area. Seeing a need for authenticity, honesty and trust, Baljit chose to represent people with their real estate needs. As the owner of Joshi & Co, she has put together a company whose primary mission is to educate and help clients to make them feel secure, supported and be confident with their decision. Combining her art and marketing background, she takes traditional and digital marketing techniques to turn the experience of selling a home into a science. Her core value is to continuously grow and educate herself. This has been shown through recognition by the Calgary Herald as a Top Producing Agent. She is a Seller’s Specialist, Negotiations Expert and UofC Science Alumni. Through discipline and perseverance, Baljit was a Miss Universe Canada Delegate in 2013, and then started her teaching journey in yoga. Her platform for mental health bridged the gap in between community and awareness. Baljit’s ultimate goal is to help clients, fellow agents, and the community in any way she can.

Cari Frame

Are You Should-ing All Over Yourself? – Real Talk with a Self-Kindness Coach

Cari Frame is a certified coach and writer with a life-long study of self-kindness’s transformational power. The beautiful resilience born from struggle has compelled Cari's words to the page since she was in her teens and forms the foundation for her coaching programs and workshops. Everything is possible when we bring kindness to ourselves. Connect with Cari at @selfkindnesscoach

Christine Handy

Being unstoppable requires vulnerability and courage!

Christine Handy is an international print and runway Model. Christine is also a National Best selling author of the book Walk Beside Me, a fictional depiction of Christine’s life. Christine became a Key-Note Speaker after her book was published in 2016. Christine is a mentor, a breast cancer advocate, a public figure, a Social Media Influencer, a Nationally recognized Humanitarian and a Mother of two sons. Christine serves on the board of three non-profit organizations: EBeauty, People of Purpose and the Break Free Foundation. Christine just completed a Masters degree at Harvard University in Literature and Creative Writing and is publishing a second novel. Christine’s first novel is currently being adapted into a film called Willow the feature film by writer and director Ziad Hamzeh.

Corby Furrow

Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted?

Despite outward success, Corby Furrow felt like an impostor, a chronic people-pleaser and over-giver, she had been clinging to her prestigious job for 25 years, only to realize that once it was gone, so was her sense of self-worth. On a journey back to herself she found a simple technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques – which saved her life. Today she supports and empowers women who lead, by healing triggers, eliminating anxieties and becoming unwavering in who they truly are. Corby is a Certified Executive Coach, a Chartered Professional of Human Resources, an EFT Trainer, a speaker, and facilitator.

Diana L. Howles

Got Online Presence? Top Tips to Improve Your On-Camera Confidence

Diana L. Howles, MA is an award-winning international speaker, Amazon best-selling author, and global virtual trainer who brings 25 years of experience in the learning industry. As a world-class facilitator, she has led virtual programs in more than a dozen countries! She is the author of Next Level Virtual Training: Advance Your Facilitation. As CEO of Howles Associates, LLC, her company provides courses, consulting, and critiques on online presence, effective virtual facilitation, virtual presentations, and virtual meetings. Ms. Howles is a popular speaker at international conferences and events, and can be reached through her website or on LinkedIn.

Emily Gold Mears

Optimizing Your Health

Emily Gold Mears is a citizen scientist, biohacker and author of Optimizing Your Health: An Approachable Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Chronic Disease. A former attorney, Gold-Mears shifted her advocacy efforts to seek information on optimizing one's health through extensive research analysis in science and medicine. Her research focuses on the intersection of functional and allopathic medicine, and the critical requirements for individuals to become their own healthcare advocates.

Jen Buck

Building Your Executive Presence; The Power of Strategic Positioning for Women

Jen Buck began the first decade of her career in a startup helping to launch a billion dollar global and award-winning brand while in a leadership development training role. Having now been a professional Keynote Speaker for 24 years, she’s given over 10,000 programs in front of audiences of up to 25,000 people, impacting over a million people throughout her career. As a best-selling author with six publications, hosting a television show that is seen in 50 countries worldwide, as well as a podcast that highlights female leaders who are changing their corner of the world, Jen is committed to amplifying great leadership. Partnering with the biggest brands in the world, Jen Buck helps to develop their high-performing leaders through keynotes, training, and coaching. With an inspiring and engaging message, leaders can confidently step into their power and transform their influence and impact. She is the Chief Communications Officer for a nonprofit organization, so leading well, leading differently, and leading with generosity is important to her. She’s also been the Chief of Staff for three federal campaigns, leading large and dynamic teams. Additionally, she’s on the leadership staff one of the United States’ largest women’s organizations, personally leading 15 Directors and 30,000 women per day. Jen is not just talking about leadership, she’s doing it.

Jen Du Plessis

Smart Scaling: Living a Life of Luxury

Most salespeople, business owners, and entrepreneurs still think like an employee. In this session we explore the 5 Keys of WHY people are stuck at 5 & 6-Figures feeling overwhelmed and overworked, and how they can reach 6 & 7- Figures by building powerful teams and regaining their life and lifestyle back.

Jessica Seidu

The Top 7 Debilitating Lies Resilient Women in Business Overcome

Jessica Seidu is the Founder of the Faith-Based Real Estate Coaching Group. She is a Faith-Based Business & Personal Development Coach who teaches women in service based businesses how to use their kingdom gifts and build a profitable business that is true to themselves and impactful in other peoples lives. Privileged to have coached over 100 business professionals.

Angela Merzib

How to Build a Talkaboutable Brand

Angela is a strategic thinker who loves to help industry disruptors uncover the potential in their brand so they can gain clarity and forge an intentional path to growing a meaningful and profitable business. In order to compete amongst your contenders you have to be willing to be bold and push beyond what the competition is doing to create separation from the pack. She uses her proven bold branding process to help you cut through the noise and develop a brand that can take on any competitor in the ring! Having a clear plan for your brand does that by merging business goals, strategy, design, and marketing to connect to your dream client and drive your business forward.

Kim Sorelle

How Do You Know It's Love? Dispelling 3 Common Misunderstanding About Love That Will Change Your Life

Kim Sorrelle is an entrepreneur, director of a humanitarian organization, author, and speaker. She went on a year-long quest in search for the true meaning of love, and she found it. What Kim learned about love is unlike anything you have ever heard before. Her award-winning best-seller, Love Is, chronicles her sometimes funny, sometimes scary, always enlightening journey that led to life-changing discoveries found mainly on the streets of Haiti. Kim is now on a mission to change the world with the power of love.

Shenneile Henry

Be in the driver’s seat when seeking funding opportunities for your business.

Also known as GOAL Digger Shen, Shenneile provides consulting services to business owners and lives by the saying "There is Only One You, and That is Your Power". She was the 2022 recipient of the Under 30 Achievement Award presented by the Calgary Black Chambers and 2023 Women of Inspiration Nominee for her commitment as a leader in the Canada business community. Shenneile is a former Commercial Banker providing business owners with risk advisory services and loans up to 25 million dollars. Shenneile is known to challenge the status quo and is currently a Director for DirectHer Network and Strategic Advisor to Young Women in Business.

Ramona Kossowan

The Gentle Path to Feeling Resilient in Your Body.

An authentic, insightful catalyst for change, Ramona Kossowan shifted her own life from a point where she felt directionless and disempowered to become the centered, confident leader she is today as the founder of Ramona K coaching. Extremely passionate about making that same profound difference for her clients, Ramona employs her unique combination of talents as a personal empowerment coach, Gentle Trauma Release Practitioner and fitness professional to guide women to trust themselves, see their worth and claim their authentic empowered woman energy.

Samantha Card

Calm In Chaos: Feel The P.A.I.N How you can prepare, arm, improvise, and navigate all parts of your life journey

Samantha Card is a former collegiate softball player, MBA graduate, Fortune 100 company trail blazer and “level up” expert who epitomizes the athlete who “hit it out of the park” when she transitioned from her sports career. Sam is on a global mission to teach others how to develop a proactive championship routine from Day 1. She prepares you to win by identifying opportunities, taking action, and applying the life tools to business success. The Athlete Advantage, Success Beyond Game Day, Sam’s book, skyrocketed to Amazon #1 Best Seller in several categories including sports psychology, women in sports and reference.

Sarah Kirkpatrick

Can we create a business that truly makes us HAPPY?

Sarah Kirkpatrick is the owner and principal designer of Unshelf Design & Boutique. Sarah is an interior decorator specializing in cosmetic redesigns that spark joy and ‘hug’ you when you walk in. She is also an occupied home stager and owner of Unshelf Boutique - a brick and mortar consignment decor store in Calgary. After experiencing burnout and closing down her successful 6-figure marketing company at the height of its success, Sarah shifted her focus to following her own advice: "Discover what brings you joy and find a way to make money doing it" - and she did.

Sylvia O'Connor

The Benefits of Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone.

I am a moving on motivator. I help people move past their roadblocks and limitations. I fearlessly moved on from a long-term career in health care to pursue my passion as a motivational speaker. Why is it so hard for people to move on in life. We often worry about all of the things that can go wrong. I would encourage you to concentrate on the things that could go right and allow you to discover what’s on the other side of moving on! Remember roadblocks are temporary, and we usually know our limitations, but do you know your worth?

Whitney Elkins-Hutten

How to not lose money in a passive investment: 8 Red Flags

Whitney Elkins-Hutten is the Director of Investor Education at, host of the Passive Investing Made Simple YouTube show, and podcast, and a partner in $800MM+ in real estate — including over 6500+ residential units (MF, MHP, SFR, and assisted living), 7 express car washes, and more than 2200+ self-storage units across 11 states—and experience flipping over $5MM in residential real estate.


Frequently Asked Questions

This event is primarily focused on Women and their successes and strategies in Life &business. We ask respectively that if you chose to join our amazing summit that you be mindfulof the purpose and the discussions being held.
You will need to login to the event during the live days with the same email address you have registered with. Once you are logged in, please head over to the auditorium in order to watch sessions going live at their given time.
To help accommodate your busy schedule, the All Access Pass will give you a 30 day unlimitedaccess to our 15 speakers and virtual summit space., so you can watch and learn at yourconvenience. Plus you will receive our Business Bundle.
Presentations are available for only 24 hours for attendees. If you are interested in accessing thepresentations beyond that time, you will need to purchase an All Access Pass.You can upgrade toour All Access Pass until the final presentation on March 2nd to have access for an entire 30 days.
You may log in with the same email address you have registered with and no password is required.
The Majority of the presentation will be live. Each Speaker has been vetted and asked to present a40 minute talk. Followed with an option of Q&A either in the auditorium or in the Network Lounge.
All the March Speaker spots have been filled. However we will be back in September for our fallSummit. How do you become a speaker? Get involved, join our partnership FB page Brand Your Biz & Build Your Authority. Apply to be a guest on the Kim Talks Resilience Podcast. You can also email with ‘Speaker” in the subjectline.
No problem, Send us an email at, be sure to put “summit?” In the subject line. We will respond within 2 business days.

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